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You knew this all along - length is important!

Long hair stands for femininity and beauty. And it makes you feel good to see your mirror image or see the admiration it causes in others.

As if we didn’t know, plenty of studies still look into the male preferences. Guess what? Chances are that - at home or further afield -  the man in your life likes it long.

But how can you gain without pain? Who wants to wait for years? Clever heads give mother nature a helping hand. Verlocke! human hair extensions stand for beautiful long hair achievable within a few hours. (All you need is a minimum hair length of 8cm to cover the bondings) Play the game – and set the rules. Play it seriously or just for fund. Invent, change and play – create your own look!

Wild cat or Rapunzel, marylin-blond or raven-black – the choice is yours! Colours, lengths, structures and highlights – browse the treasure trove of instant hair beauty and choose your weapon!


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